About Octopi

Our reach goes beyond making great products. At Octopi, we are committed toseeing our client’s brands grow. Our objective is to tailor our services to our client’sneeds. From producing high quality beverages for new brands and developingtheirinitial marketing strategy to guiding existing brands in theirexpansion plans and distribution selection.

Where did the name come from?

The name of the company comes from the plural of octopus. The octopus possesses keyqualities that symbolize our objectives in the world beverages.

The octopus can detach a limb at will and has endless regenerative capabilities. We at Octopiare our clients extra limb, helping them grow their business through us. We are aco-packer specializing in producing high quality beverages by the most talented team and using state of the art equipment. We do not want companies to be limited by their inability to expand involume. We have the tentacles to help our clients reach new targets and achieve their potential.

The world of beverages is going through a transformational phase where it is reinventing itselfevery day. Just as the octopus moves skillfully in a realm that is ever changing, shifting, andwafting, Octopi strives to be in constant motion. We have the ability to move with marketdemands and trends to meet the needs of our clients.

What We Do


At Octopi, we guide new brands in an array of items like companyset up, permits, product offerings, style seasonality, distributorpartnerships, commercial strategy and other industry related questions.

Beer Recipes

We help breweries with formulation consulting for new or reformulated products.

Supplier Selection

We facilitate the selection and guidance of suppliers like raw materials, specialtyingredients, packaging, keg management and tap handles.


Weprovide new companies with access to cutting edge designers tohelp them design their brand from logos to packaging and corporateimage.


We provide new companies with merchandise partnerships and guidance. We know the difference between products that create demand versus products that are a waste of money.

Brewery Equipment & Construction

If a company decides to open their own production facility, we can assist with design and equipment sourcing.

The Concept

Octopi is the first contract beverage facility in the Midwest to:

  • Focus on thequalityof beverages
  • Specializeonly in beverages
  • Produces products instate of the artequipment
  • Use aright sizeapproach
  • Provideflexibility and excellencein packaging
  • Serve as aone-stop shopfor new and established brands
  • Act as anincubatorfor new companies
  • Providefull services: Design, recipes, consulting and brand development
  • Completely focuson our clients as a committed contract beverage facility
  • Adopt aproud to be contract beverage facilityphilosophy
  • Fullyunderstand the industryand current/future trends in beverages
  • Reliablymeet our clients needs and goals
  • Buildlong-term relationships

We aspire toproduce the best quality beverages and offer unparalleled customerservice.