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Our Capabilities

Octopi was built from the ground up to meet the needs of the modern craft brewer, and to make the most technically sound beverages possible. Our system can handle just about anything, from a classic Czech-style Pilsner to an English Mild with Cold-pressed Coffee and everything in between. We have an oversized Lauter Tun for working with higher gravity brews. The addition of a Hopback gives us greater flexibility when it comes to adding hops at the end of a boil for big, pungent IPAs. The Centrifuge gives us the maximum yield from our batches without sacrificing aroma typically lost during filtration, and also allows us to produce brilliantly clear beer even when using ingredients that cause a significant amount of haze, such as fruits with a large amount of pectin.

Our state-of-the-art bottling and canning lines are one of the most efficient on the market today, pushing +9,000 bottles/cans per hour while offering the least amount of oxygen pickup, making the beverages we produce both consistent and extraordinarily shelf stable. It can fill multiple styles and sizes of bottles for maximum flexibility in packaging.

Our Equipment

  • 50bbl (4 Vessel) Esau-Hueber Brewhouse with Automatic Hop Dosing Unit, and Inline Wort Aeration Unit and 70bbl Whirlpool from Braukon
  • Braukon HopBack and HopGun Pellet and Full Cone hops
  • GEA Westfalia Centrifuge
  • Esau-Hueber Turbo Carbo Inline Carbonation Unit
  • Expandable fermentation capacity to 65,000 annual bbls
  • Yeast Propagation System by QTS
  • RAD Chain Conveyor Malt Handling System
  • M+F Technik Keg Filler
  • KHS Bottling Line with the ability to fill multiple bottle formats
  • Leibinger Canning Line with ability to fill 12oz and 16oz cans


The People

Octopi’s team is made up of a select group of industry professionals and brewers from every corner of the beer world. Our varied skill sets and commitment to excellence in customer service make us the perfect partner, assisting and guiding our clients through every step of the process. Come meet the team!

Isaac Showaki – President

Isaac Showaki knows first hand how hard it is to build a successful brewery from the ground up. He started out with a love for beer after working as a consultant specializing in breweries for 8+ years. This left him with a dream to launch his own brewery. In 2012, he did just that and relocated from Mexico City to launch his first brewery in Chicago, IL. Isaac grew that brand, tripling volume every year, by working with seven contract breweries in the first 18 months. He soon discovered how hard it was to not have ownership and control of his own beer and rely on breweries who did not care about the success and quality of his brand. He encountered many stumbling blocks surrounding the poor aspect of contract brewed beer. There was not one contract brewery he worked with that could fulfill the vision he had for his brand and create the desired high quality product for his new business. Taking these lessons to heart, Octopi was born with one simple goal: To be the gold-standard in contract brewing and to cater to the craft beer community. As President, Isaac brings to Octopi his prior experience in consulting, brewery management and most importantly his extensive knowledge of contract brewing in the Midwest. He wants to give back to the craft beer market the great beer that was lacking when he contracted years ago. Isaac is excited to offer a variety of services to his clients but most importantly making really great beverages.

At Octopi, our philosophy is simple:

Producing your Drink, Propelling your Brand